Posted by: compasspro | January 8, 2009

How to Assemble A CPU (Part 2)

Step 4

Select the appropriate screws that are to be used in this procedure. Sizes of the screws may vary, depending on which part is to be held in place. You have to make sure that the motherboard is screwed into place with six screws on it. Do not apply too much force in screwing it because this may cause damages to your component. It must not be too tight which therefore means that only finger pressure is to be considered in screwing it properly.

Step 5

The next component to be installed is the RAM. Setting up this part is probably considered as one of the easiest procedures in assembling a CPU. Push down the RAM into its slot, and just make sure that it is clipped properly. Attach the video and sound card to the motherboard as well. Be certain that it is hooked properly on the side of the CPU case.

Step 6

Plug all the cables to its corresponding slots. This may take quite some time for you to install because of its number and its tiny cables. Some cables that are included are of the microphone, power led, HDD led and speaker. There are two different ribbon cables that are also to be plugged. Take the cable with a twisted part on it first. The one with twisted side must be plugged to the floppy disk drive while the non-twisted part is for the motherboard. On the other hand, the other ribbon cable which has three plugs must also be installed according to its color. The one with the black plug is for the disk drive; the blue plug is for the motherboard, while the grey plug is for the hard drive. Finally, after having all of these installed, place the cover of the case and screw it properly.


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